The ISQ Examination Summer 2011 will InshaAllah commence from Monday May 16, 2011. The last date of submission of Examination forms is Thursday March 10, 2011.


The fresh candidates are required to fill the Registration Form; whereas the previously registered candidates would be requiring filling the examination form only.


Currently, the one-time Registration Fee is Rs. 6,600/= and Examination Fee is Rs. 800/= per subject.


Forms are available, free of cost, at all the IBP offices. To download the Registration Form or Examination Form, please click the links, given below. To facilitate the candidates, powder photocopies or downloaded forms are also acceptable



Relationship Form (Click Here)

Examination Form (Click Here)

Examination Schedule (Click Here)

Past ISQ Examination Papers (Click Here)




The IBP Superior Qualification (ISQ) is a three tier professional qualification. The first step of ISQ is JAIBP (Junior Associate of IBP). The next advance level qualification after JAIBP is Associate of IBP (AIBP) and Fellow of IBP (FAIBP). Details of these advance level qualification can be obtained, separately.

For getting detailed syllabus of JAIBP, please click



The Prospective examinees, whether Banker or Non-Banker, can register themselves for ISQ by filling Relationship form, downloadable from our website or available at our offices free of cost. The minimum eligibility criterion to register in ISQ is Graduates with 2nd class (45%).  No relaxation in that. You must either be a simple graduate or have equivalent qualification. (Documentary evidence will be required) or have a Masters Degree in any discipline with any Grade or Division.


No Exemption Policy

As ISQ curriculum is unique, focused towards financial Services Sector and dedicated towards applied aspects of banking and finance; the IBP Council, headed by Governor, State Bank of Pakistan, has decided not to allow any exemption in any subject of its ISQ program on the basis of university degree or any other professional qualification.


Registration Fee

The one time Registration Fee is Rs. 6,600/=. Access number will be allocated at the time of acceptance of the Registration Form. 


The first level of ISQ is JAIBP. In Junior Associate of IBP, (JAIBP); there are three stages, every stage have four subjects (i.e. total twelve subjects).


Examination Fee

The Examinations is Rs. 800/= per subject.


Time Limit

The time limit to pass all the three stages (12 subjects) is Five Years. After the expiry of the 5-years’ limit, stage completely passed would remains intact; however any stage left incomplete would be required to be repeated all over again.

For getting past year papers, please click



Form Submission Procedure

The Relationship as well as Examination Forms are available, free of cost, at all IBP offices throughout the country. For downloading Relationship Form, Examination Form, Syllabus, Course outline, Name of Books, Past Examination Papers, examination Time Table etc, Please visit our website or you can refer our Knowledge Plan available at reception for Rs. 200/= .

After downloading the Relationship and Examination Forms, you can courier the same to us, along with the Demand Draft / Pay Order in favour of “Institute of Bankers Pakistan” of the required fee, at the following address along with, Copy of last degree, CNIC, Four Photographs to be pasted on forms and Demand Draft to:

The Director

Examination Department

Institute of Bankers Pakistan

M. T. Khan Road



The candidates appearing for the first time in JAIBP, can appear in any one or all four subjects of Stage-I of JAIBP, only. They cannot take subjects of Stage-II or Stage-III.


IBP Publications

The names of the IBP publication and recommended books are written at the end of each course outline.

To get ISQ Syllabus / Course Outlines, please


The IBP books for ISQ can be purchased from all the IBP offices against the cash payment of Rs. 1000/= or directly from IBP Head Office Karachi by sending the Demand Draft for Rs. 1,400/= in favour of Institute of Bankers Pakistan.

Prices of books and addresses of IBP offices are appended below:


IBP Publications:


JAIBP Stage-I Subjects                                                                    Book Price

1. Business Communication for Financial Services                           Rs. 200

2. Laws relating to Financial Services                                                Rs. 200

3. Accounting for Financial Services (Vol I & II) Rs. 200/= each     Rs. 400

4. Micro Economics & Financial System of Pakistan                        Rs. 200

Plus courier charges Rs. 400/=.


IBP Offices

All IBP Offices are situated inside State Bank of Pakistan Buildings.

Lahore Office                042-9-9210479

Rawalpindi Office         051-9272529

Peshawar Office            091-9211986

Quetta Office                081-9202782

Multan Office                061-9201088

For other cities details, please call IBP Karachi 021-3-569-4247 & 3-569-4244 (Ms. Shumaila John).


We will suggest you to study other books also as per the ISQ syllabus.


ISQ Past Examination Papers

To see the past years’ examination papers, please click


Examination Schedule for Summer 2011



Contact Information

To get direct information, contact the following personnel :


1. For Examination details  -  Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad Ph : 3-568-9364 /ext. 236

2. For ISQ Registration  -  Mr. Ahsun Somroo Ph : 3-568-4575

3. For Purchasing Books  - Mrs. Shumaila Ph : 3-569-4244 or 3-569-4247

4. For Preparatory Classes  -  Mr. Muhammad Akram / Ph : 3-522-4277/ ext. 217

5. For IBP Training Programs  - Contact Ms. Zehra Ph : 3-569-4245

6. IBP Lahore Office – Contact Person Mr. Masood Aziz Ph: 042-9921-0479

7. IBP Rawalpindi Office – Contact Person Mr. Shahid Hamid Ph : 051-927-2529

8. IPB Peshawar Office – Contact Person Mr. Kamran Ahmed Ph : 091-9211986

9. IBP Multan Office – Contact Person Ms. Batool Khalid  Ph : 061-9201088

10. IBP Quetta Office – Contact Person Mr. Abdul Waheed Ph : 081-9202782



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