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The Institute of Bankers Pakistan (IBP), since its inception in 1951, is serving the financial services sector through various innovative knowledge products and services mainly in the field of human resource management and development. A recent addition to this portfolio is the recruitment and selection of human resource for the financial sector. Based on client’s needs, the Institute holds country-wide written tests, group discussions and interviews thus facilitating selection of the best executives and officers strictly on merit basis. Initially this service was offered for State Bank of Pakistan but now the same has been extended to major commercial banks and financial institutions. IBP’s comprehensive package has following key components:


a)         Drafting, designing and processing the job advertisement alongwith critical information memo for its release to the national press as also to IBP website (www.ibp.org.pk)


b)         Receiving, organizing, processing CVs/job applications seeking more information and responding to queries, short-listing of candidates based on the criteria provided by the bank.


c)         Developing database for the eligible candidates for the release of admit cards; developing examination paper and sample test with weightage for each session and obtaining clients’ views and approval.


d)        Designating examination centres, appointing centre superintendents, invigilators and examiners; printing of admit cards and their dispatch to the candidates.


e)         Releasing list of eligible candidates on the website and then attending to the requests for change of centre, if any, complaints for non-receipt of admit card and other related queries.


f)         Designating head examiner/paper setter(s); consolidating and printing of test papers and their dispatch to test centres such as Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Sukkur and others.


g)         Normally such test paper carries three parts: (i) English writing and comprehension (ii) Maths, logical inference, (iii) General knowledge and knowledge about banking.


h)        Weightage of each part varies between 30% to 40% and is assigned in consultation with the concerned bank. Parts II & III are to be solved on a computer sheet and graded through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process.


i)          Depending on clients needs, computer literacy tests are also conducted and their results are compiled and supplied to the banks separately.


j)          Depending on banks needs these tests are conducted simultaneously at 8 to 10 centres within the country and 4 to 5 centres outside the country.


k)         Extensive arrangements are made at each center to ensure clean and congenial atmosphere, air-conditioned hall (wherever possible), reception/problem solving, supervision and control.


l)         Tests are conducted and effectively supervised by the superintendents, deputy superintendents, invigilators, support staff and surprise check by the client.


m)       Candidates identity is checked, verified through the admit card, CNIC and identification slips prepared by IBP.  Extra care is exercised at all centres.


n)         Upon completion of test, the copies are collected, counted, verified with attendance record, packed and sent to IBP head office on immediate basis.


o)         Upon receiving these copies, codification and separation of name identity slip from the copies is carried out before sending the same to the examiners and others.


p)         Results when received are tabulated, counter checked, consolidated and computerized. After the decoding process the merit list is prepared and provided to the client.


q)         The banks use their discretion and decide the benchmark for further short-listing of the candidates. This information is then released on IBP website.


r)          The second stage in the selection process is Group Discussion. This process is aimed at judging the quality of leadership, team work, communication, confidence and knowledge of the candidate.


s)         IBP prepares topics for Group Discussion and keeps them in separate sealed envelopes. A group of 8 to 10 participants is invited to attend each session which is observed by a team of experts. The group is allowed to choose the envelope and thus the process starts.


t)          Depending on the city-wise distribution of short-listed candidates this exercise is conducted at Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Peshawar.


u)         The call letters for group discussion are issued by IBP and sent through courier and all related queries and preparation are handled accordingly.


v)         A three-member panel, two from concerned bank and one from IBP, observes and evaluates each group and develops final grading plan.


w)        Based on the result of Group Discussion further short-listing done by the bank. The final selection process is organized at the main cities. The call letters are issued by IBP and sent through courier.


x)         A senior level panel comprising two members from bank and one senior expert from IBP conducts the interviews and grades the participants.


y)         The final result is issued to the bank for further processing and issuance of appointment letters.


z)         The selected officers then enter into a post induction training for upto ten weeks.



Initially this service was offered for State Bank of Pakistan but now the same has been extended to major commercial banks and financial institutions.  Those availing these services of IBP include:







Allied Bank Limited


Bank Islami Pakistan Limited


Crescent Commercial Bank Ltd.


First Women Bank Limited


Habib Bank Limited


Soneri Bank Limited


House Building Finance Corp. Ltd


MCB Bank Limited


Meezan Bank Limited


National Bank of Pakistan


Pak Oman Microfinance Bank Ltd


Saudi Pak Commercial Bank Ltd


Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan


Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited


State Bank of Pakistan


Tameer Microfinance Bank Ltd


The Bank of Punjab


United Bank Limited


Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited




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